Hi, I'm Bettina, a married mother of 2 boys, living a 'normal' life in Hackney, East London.  I've always had a slightly strange interest in waste - mainly I cant bare it! Plastic had always been a big bugbear of mine and I could never reconcile how durable plastics were designed to be disposed of after a single use (hence a cupboard full of empty tubs and pots in place of store bought Tupperware!)

So, in January 2017, I decided enough was enough and I set out to eliminating as much plastic from  our lives as possible with ambitions to live a 'zero waste' lifestyle.  Whilst I have not completely abandoned the idea of reducing my rubbish to fill a mason jar I have come to accept the reality that I'm not going to get there for quite some time!

Embarking on this journey has however taught me so much and through the process of slowing down and evaluating what and how I 'consume', every aspect of my life has changed - aside from my primary goal of waste reduction I believe i now lead a much more sustainable life;  it hasn't always been easy and I've been incredibly frustrated at times but i wouldn't go back to living any other way.