Low Cost and Plastic-Free Products Workshop

A special thanks to Hackney Council for providing us with the resources to host our first Workshop! This workshop focused on providing residents with the means to make their own Cleaning products and Toiletries. The added benefit is that they’re all low-cost (much cheaper than you will find in any supermarket in Hackney) and low […]

Starting our Planting Projects

Alongside helping to reduce plastic pollution entering the environment through events like litter-picks, Plastic-Free Hackney’s 2019 Mission Statement highlights the importance of increasing biodiversity in the local community. Previously we have hosted events to plant trees along the River Lea Navigation Canal and are once again teaming up with the Canal and River Trust to bring a wildlife project along […]

Plastic Free Hackney featured in The Times: Urban warriors rescue wildlife from a tide of plastic rubbish

Written by Kaya Burgess As traffic roars by on a bridge overhead, a cormorant stands on the banks of the River Lea and stoops down to chomp at a pile of discarded polystyrene. On this urban waterway in the heart of hipster Hackney, a group of fashionable Londoners is fishing Walkers crisp packets, Capri Sun […]